About Us

Melissa Carrero, MS, CCC-SLP

Melissa has been a practicing speech-language pathologist since 2001. Melissa graduated with a Master of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Long Island University in 2003 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Language Pathology in 2001 from Pace University. She has her national certification through the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA) and is certified by the State Department of Education in New Jersey and California as a speech-language specialist. Melissa holds state certifications to practice in both New Jersey and California and is a member of the New Jersey Speech Language Hearing Association (NJSHA).

Melissa has helped both children and adults in a variety of clinical settings, including; her own private practice located in Hillsborough, out-patient clinics, public schools, hospitals (in-patient & out-patient), home care and sub-acute care settings. Most recently she has included speech-therapy services via tele-therapy.

Melissa sits on the professional advisory team of Miriam’s Heart organization who “radically supports families who take action on behalf of adopted and foster children.” She has also traveled overseas to help people in need in Central America, as well as volunteered to aid in construction and clean-up efforts in Staten Island after Hurricane Sandy, both done through her local church outreach missions program.

In addition to her role as a speech-language pathologist, Melissa is a devoted wife and mother to her two daughters. Melissa lives in Hillsborough, NJ.

Provides in depth evaluations and personalized treatment plans geared toward each client’s needs.

From Early Intervention to Geriatric focused therapy.

Speech, Swallowing, Language and more…

My Credentials

  • ASHA
  • LSVT
  • Vital Stim

Our Mission

Speaking Hope and Healing through individualized / personalized therapeutic techniques and treatment plans in order to enhance communication: speech, language, cognition, as well as improve feeding and swallowing difficulties. This is what we offer:

  • Hope, Strength and Joy
  • Support families of children and adults through their daily challenges with communication and feeding/swallowing.
  • Restore hope and self-confidence in communication in order to foster improved communication with loved ones.
  • Empowering individuals and their caregivers to use techniques and strategies that create an atmosphere where every child and adult can share their thoughts with others.
  • Creating an environment to consider all possible solutions to daily speech, language, cognitive, feeding/swallowing challenges.

Our Vision

Our visions is to restore hope, self-confidence and foster healing for all individuals across the life span, from pediatrics to adults through our customized speech therapy sessions.

Envisioning a world where all members of your family are able to communicate their unique wants, needs, thoughts via any means possible (non-verbally or verbally) in order to improve their overall quality of life through improved speech, language, and cognitive skills.

The WHY behind our vision? Communicating effectively is critical to our ability to lead productive and fulfilling lives. Difficulties with communication can occur at any stage of life -infancy through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and even through our senior years. They can include challenges with speech, language, comprehension, memory and attention.

But wait…. There’s more….NOT ONLY Speech and Language…..but Swallowing too!!!

Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) can negatively impact our quality of life. We also offer dysphagia therapy or treatment plans specifically addressing these challenges with eating/swallowing food and drinks safely, in order to ensure that our clients continue to have the quality of life they deserve.

Whatever the cause, treatment of these difficulties is essential.